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Indoor or outdoor Rodeo Reindeer Hire across Wales

HHR Catering, Rodeo Reindeer Hire deliver to Swansea, Ammanford, Llandeilo, Cardigan, Llanelli, Carmarthen and Aberystwyth. Reindeer Hire is a fantastic Christmas version of the Rodeo Bull and is always great entertainment for guests at Christmas staff parties, shopping centres, youth club parties, school Christmas fairs and similar. The larger than life reindeer which moves in exactly the same way as the rodeo bull hire.

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So, if you're having a Christmas party and looking for that extra WOW factor, here it is! Especially if you hire our inflatable santa's grotto.

The Rodeo Reindeer Hire is fast becoming one of the most popular units to hire this time of year. It is operated by a trained member of our staff who is in control at all times making this a safe, fun activity. The Reindeer spins and bucks and is surrounded by an 18ft square inflatable for the inevitable 'throw' providing a soft landing.

We will need a space of 20ft x 20ft for the inflatable mattress so we can operate safely and an entrance of 4ft minimum will be required for us to gain access.

Rodeo Reindeer Hire is a Christmas twist of the Rodeo Bull hire

the aim of the game is to try and stay sat on the Reindeer as it bucks and spins trying to get the rider to fall off! It also has a built in timer so the rider can see how long they were able to stay on.

If you're looking for extra or different entertainment for your Christmas event then have a look at our Christmas Party Hire category for other fantastic ideas since we are always adding quality festive hire items wevery year.

The Rodeo Reindeer is suitable for users who are able to mount the reindeer without assistance, this is usually from 8 years +.

When the Reindeer is outdoors we can also provide an inflatable rain cover at no extra charge. This will keep off the rain and wind.

Manned Christmas Hire Item

The price of our Carmarthenshire based, Rodeo Reindeer is for up to 3 hours and includes a member of our staff to operate the equipment throughout the hire.

To book our rodeo bull hire please call us on 07967 955773 to speak to a member of our team.

We have never been late, or cancelled a booking in 10 years, meaning we have lots of returning customers.


1. 50% will be taken on your confirmed booking.
2. Until the booking is cleared in our account the dates are not guranteed.

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Email: info@hhrcatering.com

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