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Mobile Pizza Catering for Weddings or Events in Wales

pizza catering walesHHR Cating offers quality mobile Pizza Catering for Weddings, street food events, weddings, parties, corporate events, festivals and anywhere people need proper pizza across Wales. To book us for a wedding or private event go to contact us, say hello and start a conversation. Keep everyone well-fed and happy with our sensational pizzas, prepared on the day and cooked at your event

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Mobile Pizza-catering Covering West and South Wales

Our pizzas are a Neapolitan style, the charred crust is chewy and addictive. It is important for us to provide the highest quality and showcase the best of Wales. That means everything we sell is made from scratch with locally and sustainably sourced ingredients. Your menu is how you want it – we have all the ingredients you can possibly think of, so you can get the exact pizzas that you want. We assure you: your guests will be coming back for more.

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Our Pizza Catering service brings quality catering to your door.


1. 50% will be taken on your confirmed booking.
2. Until the booking is cleared in our account the dates are not guranteed.

Contact Details

SA44 5TL, Wales

Email: info@hhrcatering.com

07967 955773